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We work to find you the perfect accomodation. We are specialized in Cascais, Lisbon and Porto. We are a great team dedicated to offer you an amazing experience. Our commitment is to give you an excellent service while you are enjoying your stay with us.

KazaPORTUGAL is a brand created for the promotion and management of properties seeking income from short term rental. Besides the promotion through several international media, KazaPORTUGAL operates this website. We act as mediators for the properties shown in this website and also as managers for some of them. Through short term rental, the property owner will see the following advantages:

  • No commitment for a long term occupancy of the property, meaning that it can be used by the owner, or by which he would like when he wants to. As we never know the future, the need to sell the property may arise sooner than one would expect and in this mode the property would be available for that without any tenant.
  • The risk of uncollectable amounts is almost nonexistent as guests pay the rental amount in advance or at the entry of the property with the keys delivery.
  • The level of property conservation is much higher, when compared with long term rentals, since the tenants do not perform any kind of adaptation typical of long term rentals and any damage is somehow covered.
  • The yield, depending on location and property type, is typically higher than in long term rentals.

Moreover guests also enjoy the following advantages:

  • More space, more amenities and the ability to prepare your own meal or take care of your washing, as an example, with your costs controlled.
  • A fraction of the cost of a hotel room.
  • Stay together as a family or group of friends.
  • Be surprised by the amazing space, carefully chosen, that will receive you, like our listings!
  • Feel like a local, and better than at home.

We are a great team dedicated to offer you an amazing experience.

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